Rare earth, high power magnet, iron separator
Rare earth, high power magnet

Our objective is to consistently improve our quality of work and develop highly improved products by adapting the latest technology in the world.

Plate magnet, iron separator

We, at Linux Magnetics always put step forward to update ourselves as per industry standard. We always keep on updating ourselves in terms of from raw material to complete development of product.


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Magnetic pulley, magnetic pullies Magnetic Sweepers, Rare earth rod Lifter magnet, magnetic lifter Magnetic Sweepers, Magnetic pulley

Lifter magnet, magnetic lifter Plate magnet, iron separator Rare earth rod, high power magnet Lifter magnet, magnetic lifter

Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers Magnetic pulley, magnetic pullies Plate magnet, iron separator Permanent Magnetic equipments, magnetic appliances

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